CloudFlare Products

CloudFlare Free

For personal or hobby projects.
Core Features
Fast, easy-to-use DNS
Unmetered DDoS Protection
Global CDN
Universal SSL Certificate
Free Managed Ruleset
Simple bot mitigation
3 Page Rules
5 WAF Rules

CloudFlare Pro

For professional websites that aren't business-critical.
Core Features
Enhanced Web Application Firewall (WAF) capabilities
Lossless image optimization
Automatic mobile optimization
Cache Analytics
Enhanced bot mitigation
Super Bot Fight Mode
Cloudflare Managed Ruleset
APO plugin for Wordpress
20 Page Rules
20 WAF Rules

  • Everything in Free, and
CloudFlare Business

For growing small businesses operating online.
Core Features
100% uptime SLA
24x7x365 chat support
PCI DSS 3.2 compliance
CNAME set-up compatibility
Bot Analytics
Custom + BYO SSL
50 Page Rules
100 WAF Rules

  • Everything in Pro, and